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Miasha rocked the literary world with her debut novel, Secret Society, which landed her a six-figure deal from Simon and Schuster after a bidding war. Now on the 15th year anniversary of the book, she intends to captivate the film world in the same way. 


A west Philadelphia native, Miasha had ambitions of being a writer at the early age of 9 after her dad secretly submitted one of her poems to the Daily News and it was published. With the newfound confidence she received from seeing her name in print, she wrote constantly from poetry to plays to scripts. In high school she was known by her classmates for having juicy stories in her composition books. 


Inspired by the keynote speaker at her college graduation - fellow Philadelphian and author Karen E. Quinones Miller - Miasha wrote her first novel straight out of college. It caught the attention of urban lit giant Teri Woods, who wanted to buy it outright and sign Miasha to a 5 book deal. Miasha sought out advice from Karen, making sure to note the deal she was offered and was introduced to Liza Dawson who became Miasha’s agent facilitating the auction that landed Miasha her historic book deal not usually given to first time authors. 


Miasha became a force in the book industry, having book release parties hosted by celebrities like Kevin Hart and thousands in attendance. Simon and Schuster designated June “Miasha Month” during which no other urban lit author could release a book. Miasha has set precedence in a lot of the things she’s done creatively and business-wise alike and she’s braced to do it again in film and television.

Now producing her first film after 15 years of being an best selling author , she is planning to take the world by storm.

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