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I'm 36 Years old and have been singing professionally my entire life. When I was 10 my grandma started me off dancing and doing off broadway plays. I sang the national anthem for the florida panthers and she had me in every talent search you could imagine since I was 16. I was in a girl group called Anthem with Sony. We were unreleased.( Created by : Carlos Mckinney) From 2001-2003 (the real music industry) I learned from the BEST IN GAME. I went out on my own 09' with Manager (Andy Boy) and L6 and I released "watching you" which was on the radio. I also spent time and did a radio contest on 103.5 da beat (baka boyz) in the morning. That's where I found my natural comedian and acting. I do creative development. Product production. Writing. As well as being a personal assistant for a huge mural /fashion designer. @therealdonj

I also model. And I love to meet new people and try new things. I've done stand up comedy for fun. And love acting. People facinate me.b

I've gone through alot In my life. And I'm truly blessed! ALWAYS willing to learn. The world is so unkind. Like I always say! ILL HAVE THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS HAVING 😁💯😎✨ I'm a jump out of a cake Surprise! I have a 10 year old child ARIANA AND SHE'S ME x's 100! IM A TRUE SCORPIO ♏ AND I COULDN'T LIE IF I TRIED (ITS "FIX YOUR FACE DANIELLE") I LOVE TO LAUGH.. MOSTLY AT MYSELF 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😭 IM Gods girl and I believe in love good people 🙏✨🤷💕🎉 Oh and My 3 puppies 🐶🐶🐶 AND I WASSS MARRIED (never doing that AGAIN! ) I'm super independent! And I just.. like my ME TIME.. 2021 IS MY TRANSITION!!! And I LOVE TO SEE PEOPLE WINNN!!!

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DeeNocha's WORLD Bak2Basics

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